Oakdale  Cavaliers
     AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniels                                                                                                                  




















Oakdale Cavaliers

In 2003 we decided to share our home with a Blenheim cavalier "Hannah". She stole our heart and we found out that everything you read about Cavaliers is true. They are the most gentle and loving dogs. When they're awake the tail is wagging and they are eager to please. They want nothing so much as to be with you.  We have retired Hannah, Nikki, Bailey and Axel. In 2011, we added Ginger & Abby. Both are Bailey's and Marshall's puppies. In 2012 we add Brandon for our new male.
                                        Chloe had 4 puppies on April, 24 2015    We have one little girl left. 


                      Please call Cindy at 573-372-2773 or E-mail me  oakdalecavaliers@gmail.com
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Our Cavaliers are AKC registered and we have 4 or more generations of pedigree. We specialize in Tri color and Blenheim puppies. Our dogs are raised in the home with us. They are obedience trained and love to do agility.

 Please E-mail us at oakdalecavaliers@gmail.com  or call me at 1-573-372-2773 any time with any question. 

                      Thank you to all the owners giving Hannah Bailey Nikki Ginger and Abby's puppies a good home   


                                                                     Sadie with her new family







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